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New and Exciting Books Off Zaracon’s Side Table

New from Jason Mankey available 2-8-17

Having read this book, I had to admonish myself for my lack of good note keeping, But in my defense, this Book is rather Difficult to Put Down.
Jason has made the Book of Shadows “Great Again”, Sorry for the bad joke.
The Book Covers Jason’s Workings, and how his Book’S are ever changing and emerging.
I consider this a Must read, Published By Llewellyn.

Available by clicking the above link. 

New from Lilith Dorsey  Out 12-16

This wonderful Spiritual Cook Book of Love is for everyone, Lilith Touches on the very core of Love Magic.
I had the Privilege of speaking with Lilith Several times the other night in an interview for the YouTube Channel see link below.
Do yourself and the ones you Love a Great favor and Click on the link above Directly to where you can Buy it.
Lilith Dorsey interview

Brand New From Author John Beckett out 5-8-17 from Llewellyn

John has been a author of the Under the Ancient Oaks Blog, to which he says much of this material is derived from.
I found this to be a very good overview of the Past, Present, and future of Paganism.
I admit I had not read his blog before, but I most certainly will be from now on.
I particularly liked Chapter  about Faith and Fear. Do yourself a huge favor this May 8th and Pick up a copy or preorder it.

New from Laura Tempest Zakroff Due out May 8th 2017
from Llewellyn Worldwide

I was totally Blown Away by this Book.
It gives a thorough and concise look at the use of the Cauldron in history and at present, delves into the mysteries of the cauldron and Lore. It really took me to a new understanding, this is one I will read and reread until I Digest it completely, not to say its hard to read, it just gives me tons to think about.

Another Homerun From our friends at Llewellyn Worldwide, Carl would be Proud.

This work is a masterpiece indeed, the clairity that is expressed in the concept of living with eyes wide open is truely inspiring .
I plan on sharing this book to people on social media and will be discussing it on Internet radio and YouTube

I have had the pleasure of watching many of Mark Crilley’s YouTube Videos, This book is written with same charm of the Videos. As an aspiring artist myself, I value the works of masters in their fields and genres . I highly recommend this book and remind folks to seek out the videos also

While not my cup of tea, I found this book well written and with interesting concepts.

I get questions about animal Magick and spirit animals all the time this along with my go to by the late Ted Andrews will be my suggested readings. Well written and most of all valuable to the Pagan Community

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